About Company

The history of Th. Vrohidis SA began with Theodosios Vrohidis in 1960.

He initially devoted himself to church art as an artist, specializing in carving and grafting on tar, making handmade church products. Theodosios Vrohidis was characterize  ed by his passion for creativity, his hardworking spirit, and his vision for the creation of an industrial enterprise in the field of metal casting and processing.

Starting from a small workshop, with a lot of effort and hard work, he managed to create the first factory in the 1980s in Athens. With the entry of the 2nd generation, the company expanded to new modern facilities of 5,500 sq.m. Of course, the company did not expand only in terms of facilities but also in fields of activities. The 2nd generation introduced new technologies and production processes, adapting the business to modern market requirements. In addition, the range of products and services offered was expanded, strengthening the company’s presence in various sectors of industry and commerce.

The vision of the company is continued today by the 3rd generation, which brings new ideas and innovative approaches to the management and development of the company, focuses on maintaining the tradition and values ​​that characterize the company, while at the same time seeking to adapt to new trends and market requirements. By implementing new marketing strategies and developing digital distributions.

Th. Vrohidis S.A seeks to penetrate new markets and strengthen the company’s global presence. It also focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, incorporating green practices and promoting innovation in environmentally friendly production processes.

 Thank you very much for your trust, which gives us the strength for continuous creation, development, perspective, and future.

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